Thursday, August 28, 2014

I am in Sweet Romance Authorland

I'm not here today, but I have posted a blog over at Sweet Romance Reads. (This photo goes along with it.)

I'm exhausted, but happily so. It seems I've been super busy ever since getting home from Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio. (See photo. And blog mentioned above.)

If I'm lucky, I'll continue to be super busy. Here are a few things off the top of my head:

* Second Chances releases 8/28/2014 at all major ebook retailers. It's on sale for 99 cents through 8/31/2014.

* Sale price on The Sweeter Side of Legend expires the same day.

 * Final touches will be applied to Small Town Christmas by the end of this week. Thank you, beta readers!

*  A new boxed set, Small Town Charm, Love and Mystery releases Sept. 2. Midnight in Legend, TN is in it. Guess what! It's on sale for 99 cents. I've already pre-ordered my copy. Not only romance, but also Mystery! I'm jazzed. I love mysteries too. Many thanks to our publisher, Turquoise Morning Press, for putting these cool boxed sets together.

* I will be featured on the Sweet Romance Reads facebook page on Friday, Sept. 5. If you are on facebook, I recommend giving that page a "like." There are exciting things brewing. (And not just me wearing a red jacket and standing with my little carry-on bag. Promise.

That's a little bit of what I'm doing. How are you?


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