Thursday, August 21, 2014

Second Chances ~ Happy and Sad

There has been much hoopla in my corner of the world about my FIRST EVER PRE-ORDER BUTTON! (Hey, in Magdalenaville we enjoy a bit of hoopla as much as the next person.)

So yeah, the pre-order button is up there in shining pale yellow on your computer screen when you go to the Amazon Kindle page for Second Chances, my novella in this year's "Return to Legend" mini-series.

It works just fine--I tried it to be sure. I have bought books via pre-order in the past. You buy now, and when it is available (Aug. 28 in this case) the book simply shows up. You don't have to remember to go back and get it, which if you are me (which as far as I know, you aren't), this might be forgotten.

And I should mention that the book is 99 cents now, but the price will go up on September 1. So grab the bargain while you can.

As I said, this is the third in this year's mini-series. Each of the four stories relates to one or more of the main characters inheriting something from Ms. Adeline Bynum. Janet Eaves's Crossroads and Jan Scarbrough's Heart to Heart are out too, and Maddie James's Starcrossed will release in October.

Other excitement in my little world:

  1. My continued ogling of the cover for the Christmas novella;
  2. My starting over completely on writing the Christmas novella - it is now told in first person and is a stronger story;
  3. My huge mistake of taking a tour of our former home, and spending the rest of the day feeling horrible.
Okay, #3 wasn't exciting. It was painful. But by the end of the day I had come to grips with why it was painful, and I understand how to mitigate that in the future. The house is beautiful and well-loved, which is great.

I'm one of the fortunate people who have been allowed a second chance at life. I am surviving widowhood so far, and am in a relationship with a wonderful man. As of this past spring, not only do I have an amazing son, but also a fabulous daughter-in-law. I'm pursuing my passion of writing more than ever in my life.

Having a second chance doesn't negate the past. Not in real life, and not in fiction. It does, however, open one to a different view of life experience, and tends to make one appreciate each golden moment a bit more fully. 

Sometimes though, when closely examining a second chance, even the golden moments can bring a tear to the eye. That's not necessarily a bad thing.


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