Friday, August 8, 2014

What a difference a chair makes!

Roland has come to live in the Jewel Box with Attila and me.

At first, Attila was very suspicious of Roland. But, being a cat, he was also insanely curious, and after a while Roland passed the sniff test.

So what I hoped for has happened, at least kind of.

Roland allows me to write at home. I could write at home before I gave my couch away, but after that it was difficult to spend any length of time at my craft. That's because Attila would get bored with whatever he was torturing at the time, and come over to have a go at my legs and feet where they dangled so tantalizingly from the bar stool. (Not that I was drinking while writing. That is another way for me to be unproductive.)

Now that Roland is here, Attila can hop up in the giant recliner with me. He can sit and preen, use the back to launch practice attacks, or do what seems to be his favorite. You probably guessed it. Attila likes to sit on my lap and put his paw on my arm while I attempt to use the laptop. Last night he was draped all over my arm for a while.

Awkward as it can be as Attila learns new ways to slow me down, it does seem that Roland's presence has made him a little more calm. The cat, not the chair. Thank goodness Roland seems to have an easygoing personality. Kind of matches his color.

Everybody needs a friend, right? Turns out that a giant second-hand beige recliner can be a terrific one. This is one of those times Attila and I don't mind sharing.


P.S. Roland is a good reading buddy too. We are all currently enjoying Marcia Willett's Christmas in Cornwall.

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