Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Emily's Dreams

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This is Emily Kincaid, who had a bit part in my story, Small Town Christmas*She was a babysitter for little Matthew Singer, and one morning Matthew's mom got word that Emily had been in a car wreck.

When I sent the story out to beta readers, all of them wanted to know what happened to Emily. I added a few lines to the story and thought Emily could continue to convalesce off-stage.

I sent the final version of Small Town Christmas to the formatter and tried to gear up for Alice Williams's story, which was slated to release in January 2015.

But Emily had other ideas. I went for a plot-walk and realized lots of things were going on with Emily. Lots and lots of things--some bad, some good, some inexplicable.

Emily is a very different person now, after her accident. Her outlook on life has changed dramatically, as often happens to people who've had a brush with death.

Since Emily lives in a small town, the changes in her personality are well known among the other townsfolk. Known, but not fully understood.

Emily's story will be Book 2 in the Serendipity, Indiana series. Emily's story will be the book that releases in January 2015. And in Emily's story, something will happen that is very important to Alice's story (which should now release in March 2015).

So far I'm calling this new book Emily's DreamsI have no doubt she'll let me know if she wants that changed, too.

Love this writing life!


*P.S. You can pre-order Small Town Christmas in the Sweet Christmas Kisses boxed set. So far it's just available at Amazon, but the full release is Sept. 30 and then you'll find it everywhere fine ebooks are sold.

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