Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Matthew Singer

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This Guy and I were shopping on Monday, and I saw something that would be the perfect gift for someone I know.

I said, "Oh, look! Wouldn't this be--"

I stopped mid-sentence because I was about to suggest the purchase of a book about trucks for little Matthew Singer.

Matthew loves trucks so much, and books are always great gifts, right?

Except Singer is a fictional character in Small Town Christmas. I spent a LOT of time with Matthew and his mother Melissa, in and around Standish Family Christmas Tree Farm this past weekend.

(The Jewel Box is Sleep Deprivation Central these days.)

I hope the characters of that story come to life as much for the readers as they have for me.


In other news, I finally started an author page on Facebook. Please come over and like me if you are so inclined. My fb author page is here.


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