Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Man in the Brown Suit and the Novelist in the Boxed Set

It's dangerous to even open Amazon on my laptop, because I start looking at things like sales rank. I can spend a lot of time not writing the next book by looking to see how past books are performing. Shame on me.

This morning, though, it wasn't my fault. A fellow author emailed to let me know that I was ranked in the top 100 of Kindle Romantic Mystery authors. Here is a link to the page, but I don't know who will be ranked where when you click on it. The list changes every hour, and as I'm writing, my rank is 64.

Small Town Charm, Love and Mystery is selling great. I've said before how much fun it is to have mystery novels and romance in the same collection. Results seem to show it's a good idea for sales too. We only have a couple of reviews so far, but they're five star. So very exciting all around.

I hope Agatha Christie will always be above me in mystery sales (paperback + ebook). Did you know she also wrote romance? As a teenager, I read The Man in the Brown Suit and discovered a new-to-me genre: romantic mystery! *Sigh*

This paperback survived our downsize. About 40 boxes of books went to the friends of the library, and I kept about 40. Not 40 boxes. I kept about 40 books, so you can see how much I treasure this one.

Have a wonderful day, and here's hoping you'll have some happy surprises along the way. I sure have!


P.S. My new Christmas story, and the series it kicks off has romance, a modicum of mystery, and a pinch of paranormal. Just FYI.

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