Friday, October 24, 2014

Writer's Retreat: Unplugged and Focused

I'm back from a brief writer's retreat with no internet access, and very spotty cell service. I got quite a bit of work done, but even at that Emily's story is a struggle. She's a complicated young woman.

To do justice to her story--and heck, to get it written at all--I have to consistently attain the level of focus I had in August while working Small Town Christmas, the first book in this series. The retreat helped get me on track; I was surprised with how well the writing flowed. But now I'm home and faced with the things that pull my focus away from the story.

In August I was mostly glued to the chair, but if I want to stay healthy I have to make time for daily exercise. While the weather cooperates, that means a nice long walk.

I need to make time to get Small Town Christmas published on its own. Right now it's only available in the wonderful ebook boxed set, Sweet Christmas Kisses.

As soon as I've published Small Town Christmas (um, first time doing this myself) I'll send out a newsletter to everyone on my email list. The winner of last month's contest will be announced, and a new only-for-newsletter-subscribers thingie will be available. Guess who doesn't know what that is yet.

And  then there are people and relationships and preparing and consuming healthy meals, and keeping my apartment from looking like a paper mill blew up in it. All important to a well-rounded life.

As I've explained to Attila, no story = no royalties = no more treats for either of us. He doesn't want to hear about that, or about self-publishing or sending out newsletters, or exploding paper mills. I imagine he wishes he'd been adopted by a normal person instead of a writer.


P.S. I took the photo above on a walk last week. I love autumn!

P.P.S. If you're looking for something to read while I'm writing Emily's story, all my books are available here:

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