Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter Writer's Life and Attila, the Kitten from Heck

Winter suddenly rushed into Magdalenaville, bringing snow yesterday. This morning when Attila and I got up, the thermometer said 14 degrees. I bet my electric meter is spinning like crazy right now.

I love my tiny apartment, partly because of the view. I guess this year I'm going to try putting plastic over the windows (recommended by friends) and see if that will help keep us warm while still allowing some solar gain on sunny days. Last year I covered some of the glass with styrofoam and duct tape, which was about as pretty as you are imagining. It kept us warmer, though, and if we have to go that way, we will.

Monday when I got up and looked out at the pretty blanket of snow, I was happy. (Snow is easier to love when getting out in it is completely optional.) The first thing I saw on my phone was a text from a friend pointing out how fortunate I am to work at home. So true!

At first, Attila wasn't sure what to think about me being constantly under foot. But he seems to be adapting.

After all, I make sure his favorite soft red throw is in place for his naps. I am available to constantly replenish his food and water, and since I generally eat three meals a day here, sometimes he get to try a new tasty treat. For months, every time I opened the fridge door, he stuck his head in there, hoping for spinach, but that ship seems to have sailed.

And he can sometimes get me to play in an acceptable manner. Today we tried a new game which entertained him and kept his mind off biting me, which seemed a very, very satisfactory passtime.

Yep, my version of the Writer's Life: It's All About the Cat.

Do your pets rule too?


P.S.: I must give admit he enables my writing, by draping himself over my feet instead of over my hands/laptop. That's a plus!

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