Monday, December 22, 2014

Simple Christmas Tree for Apartment Dwellers with Cat(s)

(Last week I posted these ideas about how to have a more peaceful holiday.)

Maybe a tree isn't part of your holiday, but I realized I missed having one. Because of Attila I can't put up my c.1960s aluminum tree. I do enjoy the magnetic one on the fridge with a numbered "ornament" each day, but I wanted more. (As a minimalist, I don't often say that.)

After a diligent internet search for ideas, I created this one. It is cardboard, wrapping paper, aluminum foil and fishing line. Also a staple in the tree, and in the star, to hold the fishing line. It hangs from a hook where a large picture usually is.

When most of the lights are off, the star reflects the light that remains. OR Behold! There is a star in the East!

Making the tree was quick. Looking for ideas of how to make a tree was time consuming. But it's worth it to me because I smile every time I look in that corner. I don't dread undecorating the tree, or putting it into a box. (It used to be a box.. Ha! I love a funny cardboard tree joke, but unfortunately I don't know any.)

There is space on top of the trunk to put wrapped gifts, which I can't do with the magnetic one. (Thanks to Attila, the gifts aren't going out until the last minute.)

I've seen several very simple live trees on social media, and one that was a single evergreen branch with some small decorations. Once, early in our 30-year marriage, I put small decorations onto a rubber tree plant in our living room. Different things are festive for different people, as circumstances evolve. This one is festive for me and doesn't antagonize Attila, so it is a winner.


Some progress has occurred on the Emily story in spite of the holidays. Yay!


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