Monday, December 1, 2014

The Shopping Season! (Not)

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was lovely. It didn't go exactly as expected, but being flexible and not freaking out when I burn something in the oven can make every event better.

Okay, actually I did freak out about burning something in the oven, but I'm mostly all better now.

Christmas decor here in the Jewel Box is complete, I think.

My door wreath is wearing its annual red Christmas bow, mistletoe hangs above the doorway, and the magnetic Christmas tree is on the fridge. Attila would destroy my beloved aluminum tree. That's frustrating, but in the big picture it's okay. The magnetic tree is cute, and this clip art tinsel tree is always fun to take out and fluff.

There will be very little shopping this year (yay!) but plenty of holiday enjoyment. I'm looking forward to a Madrigal concert, seeing A Christmas Carol at Louisville's Actors Theatre, a Christmas cantata at the small church I attend, and some dinners and parties.

Christmas movie watching is in full swing (one or two per week), and I'm about halfway through Marcia Willett's beautiful novel, A Week in Winter. Not quite ready to listen to Christmas music yet, beyond what's piped into the grocery store sound system.

I'm enjoying the Christmas season in a relaxed, happy way so far. Makes it easier for me to focus on people instead of stuff. And it leaves more energy for writing.

What kind of holiday season works best for you and yours?


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