Friday, January 23, 2015

Looky what arrived in my head this morning: new book blurb

I didn't want to wake up at 4:55 this morning, but that's what happened. Even Attila was sleeping soundly, and I always dislike interrupting his slumber.

What woke me up was a weird dream (is there another kind?) which left me with a strong sense of peace about being a writer. I am blessed to have the task of creating fictional happy endings in a world where the real-life kind is often anything but.

As I lay there feeling all cozy and happy, this arrived in my head--the beginnings of a new book which I estimate will be written and published sometime in 2016:


Serendipity Indiana Book 8 - Auction
Meg's husband is dying, and she needs to raise funds for his care. Thus begins the process of the auction, a community event with results that surprise everyone involved.

You think it might have a touch of autobiography? Um...yep, so do I. This should be a tough one to write, but worthwhile. I have lots of ideas for it already.


Emily's Dreams continues to unfold at its own pace, stubbornly refusing to be rushed. Who am I to question? If I force a book, the result is less than it could be. For my best stories, I'm really just the scribe.

So, yeah, sometimes the Muse works inconvenient hours, and sometimes the Muse takes a day off. I think my job is to be the partner who shows up and types.


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