Monday, February 23, 2015

Public Library: Muse and Cabin Fever Cures, Minimalist-Style

Winter has settled rather decisively into Magdalenaville, and at times the last week or so, life has been a bit of a challenge.

I want to start by saying that Attila and I are very fortunate to have had heat, and plenty to eat and drink. We had stocked up on necessities before the first wave of recent weather hit, and our area of the world has certainly not been hammered compared to, say, people who are measuring their snow in feet instead of inches.

So in our little studio apartment, we have been very comfortable.

However, sometimes it is a bit too much togetherness, and we get just a teensy bit on each other's last surviving nerve. That's where the library has made such a difference. The photo above is my "office away from home"--one of the tables in the fiction section. If you click on the picture you might recognize the names of several of your favorite authors.

One day when I was there, I picked up the first book in a trilogy by Nora Roberts. That night while reading the paperback that had obviously been enjoyed by many before me, I was re-energized about my work. Ms Roberts's book doesn't have the same story line, or setting, or similar characters, but still, becoming involved in the fictional world she created has been a fabulous tonic for me.

The library also has DVDs, and I've checked out several lately. Right now I have Season One of Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove. I have watched the first season of Downton Abbey, and am waiting for someone to return Season Two--I have it on reserve.

You see, I don't watch TV, so am just now seeing these series for the first time. It's okay with me to be out of step, and actually it's kind of wonderful to be able to watch a season and then go right into the next (theoretically, unless someone has it checked out). Waiting is no big deal, and it will be a fun surprise when someone at the library calls to let me know it's in and ready for me.

Since all my watching occurs via DVDs or a video streaming service, and since I watch an average of four (4) hours a week, I am considering getting rid of my TV, and just using the laptop. This had been the plan in 2012 when I moved, yet I ended up keeping a TV. But Attila doesn't watch at all, and only participates by draping himself over my leg, or giving me a condescending look. (I know, you wish you had this kind of relationship with your pet.) When I have company, it's for a meal and/or visiting, and not to watch TV. This might be the answer to a recent storage conundrum. Getting rid of the TV would give me a little more storage space with the furniture I already have.

Since downsizing, any new purchase is examined very carefully. It's amazing what you don't buy once you think about it as much as I do. (I think I actually enjoy not buying more than I ever enjoyed making purchases.)

Okay, I'm going back to work on my current story. The sun is streaming in our windows and Attila is asleep on my bed. It's a good day to be a minimalist sweetromance writer...especially one who lives within walking distance of a wonderful public library.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cover Reveal for Emily's Dreams

I'm thrilled to show you the cover for Book Two in the Serendipity, Indiana series. Many thanks to for creating this lovely representation of Emily's story.

Emily Kincaid was first introduced to readers in Small Town Christmas. She was the baby-sitter for little Matthew Singer. (Did you feel like Matthew was real after reading that story? I swear, I almost bought him a gift the other day when I saw the cutest set of kids' dishes with trucks on them.)

If you've read Small Town Christmas, you know Emily was involved in a serious car wreck. That is where Emily's Dreams begins. Yes, Melissa Singer and her son Matthew are in Emily's story, as are Jim  and the rest of the Standish family. Not only do we spend time in Serendipity, but we'll visit that magical Christmas tree farm that the Standishes own, and sample some of Miss Lillian's famous chocolate chip cookies.

Emily's wreck and rehab are hard on her family. We'll get to know her parents, brother Ben ("the perfect child"), and the twins, Anna and Claire--high school seniors who seem determined to drive their whole family bonkers. We'll visit in their big farm house a few miles outside Serendipity, and spend time in town with Reba Markland, Emily's maternal grandmother. 

Emily's close brush with death is changing her--physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I think you'll enjoy walking alongside her as she comes to terms with all of this. And I think you'll enjoy watching her relationship with David Standish turn from lifelong friendship into a happily ever after.

Beta readers will receive Emily's story at the end of this week.

Although there isn't a firm publication date for Emily's Dreams, when it's available, newsletter subscribers will be the first to know. I revealed the cover in the newsletter that went out Monday, February 9. If you want to get the news first, please subscribe. I send one every month or two--don't worry, I won't hound you with constant emails. Each newsletter has a little something extra for subscribers.

And--yep--I also plan to publish Books 3 through 7 in 2015. It is a busy year in Serendipity, Indiana!



Monday, February 2, 2015

Couples of a Certain Age

I don't know if you've noticed my profile picture, but I'm no teenager. You can be kind and say you're surprised, but I doubt either of us would believe you.

Now that I'm "of a certain age" I like to read books that feature characters from a similar era. I've written several books featuring characters around my age, too.

In Midnight in Legend, TN both hero and heroine are 40-ish. Midnight Shelby survived a horrible divorce and fled the big city and the corporate world. By way of the internet she found tiny Legend, Tennessee, and bought a big building to house a start-up business. Martin McClain is the realtor she bought it through, but he doesn't trust outsiders in his town. Midnight has grand plans for improving Legend's financial future, but Martin is one of the most stubborn people in town, and he has a lot of pull.

Charles McClain and Dorothy Robbins are in their early 20s back in 1975, the setting for Under the Mistletoe. This fun couple also makes an appearance in that book's sequel, The Holly and the Ivy, which is set in 1978. Years after their marriage, they're in Where Her Heart Is, which begins in their house when they're leaving on vacation and their library is being renovated.

Charles and Dorothy also have a walk-on in Building a Dream and a more pivotal role in Second Chances, which is about Charles's sister Anne. This couple is so much fun to write, I can't seem to leave them out of a book.

My newest book in the Ladies of Legend, Tennessee series is Second Chances. Anne McClain Bradley and Pete Garrity are in their 50s and are trying to heal after tragedies. They also are both struggling with the present because they haven't yet been able to make peace with the past. 


Books in my new series, set in Serendipity, Indiana, will contain characters of a certain age too. 

Melissa and Jim in Small Town Christmas are about 38 years old. Jim's mother, Lillian, was widowed in the past year and she is an important character. Lillian will have a starring role in a later book.  

Although Emily Kincaid and her BFF's are under thirty, many of the other characters in the current project, Emily's Dreams, are not--including the hero, David Standish.

Falling in love can happen at any time in life. I'm very thankful for that fact!


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