Monday, March 9, 2015

Daylight Savings Time and Other Adjustments

We are now on Daylight Savings Time, and I seriously need a nap. In fact, I needed a nap before I got up this morning. I understand there are reasonable arguments in favor of and against DST; my personal take on it also has both pros and cons.

Pro - If the clock is at a later time when the sun comes up, Attila should awaken me later.

Con - So far that isn't happening.

Pro - But it's early in the game.

Con - But I'm so sleepy, it seems to be late in the game.

Con - DST is hard on my budget because I will have to buy additional coffee.


I've discovered it's necessary to make some adjustments to the Serendipity, Indiana series lineup. Emily's Dreams should still release this spring, and three others late summer through early winter, with two moved to early 2016. Although I didn't like the adjustments at first, I think it's going to improve the series. My intention is to make each story better than the one before it.

I'll still notify newsletter subscribers first when anything big is coming up. Also, there may be a new feature added to newsletters in the near future. I think it will be cool. You can subscribe here if you haven't already.


If you missed reading about our recent shred truck-induced craziness, please hop to Sweet Romance Reads blog: Relaxation Techniques.  

Happy Monday!

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