Monday, March 16, 2015

Sometimes You Just Know - Or, Listen to your Heart

I took my first yoga class a couple of weeks ago, and you can read about it here. I had bought a mat and DVD years prior, and I'm glad they survived my big downsize.

I'm glad because now I can--and actually will--do yoga at home on the days when I don't go to class, and eventually I'll remember a series well enough that I won't need to follow a DVD. But I imagine I'll always need something structured so that a workout will include a well-rounded series of poses.

My update from the first class (see above) is that I am using my DVD, and also attended my second class! Weather and forgetfulness had intervened, so it was two weeks in between, but I did finally make it.

Wow, yoga is great. If you already do it, you know that. If you're looking for a way to improve your strength and muscle tone, this is a nice calm way to do it. Is it challenging? Oh my goodness yes. Anything that might lead to eventually lifting your own weight with your arms could be called challenging, I'd say. Of course I'm not nearly to that point. I can do beginner stuff reasonably well, and am not terrible at a couple of the intermediate poses we tried. (Or at least I'm not extremely terrible.) (Or at least I didn't fall down.)

Midnight Shelby could have told me how much of a fan I would become. She's been practicing yoga ever since I invented her for Midnight in Legend, TN.

Yay--finally, an exercise workout I love, and look forward to doing. (I have tried a few that I tolerated, but not for long. In my opinion, life is too short to spend time on stuff you tolerate.) For years I have walked for exercise, and yoga is a wonderful complement to that. It's also kind of perfect that the only piece of equipment I need is a mat, which rolls up and fits easily into my minimalist apartment. Because it dovetails so well into the rest of my life and feels almost second nature,  I know without a doubt it's the right thing.

Sometimes you just know.

Intuition, listening to my heart--it's the way I have always made choices. Or to be more correct, it's the way I have made the right choices. I have made some outstandingly bad decisions by listing the pro's and con's on a sheet of paper. I don't use that method anymore.

What works for you? Do you find that following your intuition is best?


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