Monday, April 6, 2015

5 interesting things from last week

I see so many interesting articles in a week's time, I wanted to take today's post to share some of them with you. Please let me know, in the comments below, whether you find these helpful. (FYI: some of the articles aren't new, but are new to me, and the ideas are timely.)

1. Katy Regnery's blog post about keeping promises to yourself. I'm always cautious about making promises to anyone unless I know without a doubt that I can fulfill them. Yet I'm rotten at keeping promises to myself. This post will particularly resonate with authors, but "normal" people might enjoy it too. Do you know who Katy's mentor was/is? I have bookmarked this post to read again later too. Thanks, Katy!

2. 8 Countercultural Decisions to Find Financial Freedom, by Josh Becker on the Becoming Minimalist site. I think this is one of the best posts I've seen on this topic. I have shared it with friends on email, tweeted it, and include it here too for anyone who missed that.

3. Brian Gardner and Josh Becker were having a conversation on Twitter about creating uncluttered websites. It was just the nudge I needed, to take the sidebar off this blog. I hope you enjoy a more relaxing experience when you visit now. I still need to work on my books page, because it seems cluttered to me. Do you have thoughts or suggestions? Update, 5-26-2015: I put the sidebar back, due to today's hiatus declaration. It seemed more useful, since I won't be posting weekly, to have the sidebar items easily visible to readers. Thoughts?

4. HarperCollins and Amazon are having words -- about selling words. *Sigh*

5. Michael Embry's post--with photos--about the booksigning in Madison, Indiana on April 4.

Author Shanna Hatfield will be here Tuesday. Please stop by and read her fun and exciting blog.



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