Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Her Heroine Talks to Cats?!? Jan Scarbrough and HEART TO HEART

Author Jan Scarbrough is my guest today, to tell us about writing her story, Heart to Heart, which is in the Return to Legend boxed set.


An animal communicator, sometimes also called a pet psychic, is a person who has the gift and/or the skill to communicate telepathically with all other species. Several years ago, I took a “how to” workshop from a local animal communicator. I was terrible at speaking with pets, but fascinated. Never fear! A writer can do anything she wants simply by becoming that character she creates in a book. So when I chose my heroine for Heart to Heart, I gave her the ability to talk and listen to animals.
And if you think I made up the part about Ms. Addie’s cats, I didn’t. I found it right there on the Internet—a news article about cats receiving $250,000 and a house in a will. Facts, they say, are stranger than fiction.
For this novella, I consulted two books: The Language of Animals by Carol Gurney and The Language of Miracles by Amelia Kinkade. I also received a reading from a local animal communicator, Fredricka Chambers, about my dog. She provided accurate, helpful information, which I acted on and the issues were resolved.
I also suspended my disbelief—which is an essential ingredient for any kind of storytelling.
Thanks, Jan! It's always a treat to have you here. (And I always love that pic of you riding the horse. Super cool.)
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  1. Thanks for having me today. The book was so much fun to write.

  2. I'm glad to have you here, Jan. It's evident in reading this fun story that you had a good time writing it. Do you think your animal communicator will appear in future Legend novellas?