Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3 Options and a Columnist Cat

Last week my writing schedule changed dramatically. Instead of having several stories to write and polish this summer, I have a slew of stories to write and polish this summer.


My options are:
1. Cut back on expectations,
2. Clone myself, or
3. Make more time.

Number 1 is no fun at all, number 2 is so scary I may have nightmares. So I'm going with number 3.

In fact, I'll be borrowing time wherever I can find it.

Therefore, after today the blog is on hiatus.

"This makes me sad!" you say. "How will we keep in touch?

Here's how. Please click here or on the Newsletter tab  above to subscribe to my newsletter.

I email an issue no more frequently than once a month. Attila is jazzed about his upcoming columns. Yes, my cat has a column in my newsletter, and yes, I realize that's non-traditional. But you see, Attila and I are partners in this venture. He likes pricey cat litter, and fresh spinach year-round, so he wants my writing career to be successful.

Attila and I strive to make each issue fun and worthwhile for readers. Newsletters are not available online anywhere except by subscription. I don't post them on social media, etc.

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