Tuesday, May 19, 2015

6 Short Paragraphs

Book news

It's finally RELEASE DAY for Ladies of Legend: 
Return to Legend Boxed Set 
Remember: the 99 cent price ends this week!

Crossroads by Janet Eaves
Heart to Heart by Jan Scarbrough
Second Chances by Magdalena Scott
Star-Crossed by Maddie James

What I'm writing
I sent two short stories to beta readers last week, and am buckling down to the rewrite of Alice and Robert's story--The Blank Book. This will be the next story in my Serendipity series.

What I'm reading
Honor, by Lyn Cote. Confession: It was love at first sight when I saw the cover. Just glorious. And--oh my goodness--what a compelling story! It's set in pre-Civil War time, and the heroine, Honor Penworthy, is Quaker. Click on the title to go to the Amazon page and see the cover/read the blurb. You know you want to.

What I'm watching
Murder, She Wrote - the complete series. The DVD set was a huge splurge a few months ago. I'm watching them slowly, and savoring. When the series originally aired, I thought Angela Lansbury was old, but I bet she was about my age - spring chicken!

Exercise Much?
Yep, walking nearly every day, and back to doing yoga some days too. Yoga is a challenge because Attila hogs the mat.

Minute for minimalism
Joshua Becker's 21 Surprising Statistics that Reveal How Much Stuff We Actually Own. Some of these are staggering--and not in a pleasant way. 

What would happen if each of us always tried to make the world a better place in whatever way we can? There's a challenge!

Have a great week!

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