Thursday, September 17, 2015

So. Many. Things. And yes, I know it's upside-down.

If the title of this blog frightened you, I apologize. At least we're not going to talk about So. Many. Things. I cleaned out of my closet and donated this week. Nor are we going to talk about So. Many. Things. I still have that should be given away. That post is for another day, unless I've worn you out with my endeavors to live a minimalist life.

Today's post is about So. Many. Things. for readers and writers.

This coming Saturday, September 19, at the amazingly glorious Palace Theater in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz will be held 11 AM to 7 PM. Admission is free. If you're in the area, you'll want to stop in. Who knows? You might meet your new favorite author. I'm sorry to say I snoozed through the signup period, so if I'm there, it will be to chat, browse, and buy. Could be worse, eh?

A big event in my life, and that of the other 18 authors in the set, is the release of Sweet Christmas Kisses 2. It's available for pre-order just about everywhere, and on September 29, those pre-ordered copies will be landing in e-readers all over the world. Darned exciting stuff! We're celebrating in many ways, including a Facebook Party on September 29. Take a moment to look at it, and if you're interested, Join the party. We'd all love to see you there for fun and games--and prizes. The event takes place noon to 10PM ET.

If you receive my newsletter, you know I was at Imaginarium Convention last Saturday, September 12. Such a wonderful event, and much, much deliberate preparation behind the scenes made it that way. Due to another engagement (actually, wedding reception - not mine), I was only there for a short time. But in 2016, I hope to participate more fully. Check out their website here, and plan to attend in 2016 if you are a reader or writer. I got to visit with Maddie James, Jennifer Anderson, JM Madden, Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves, Liz Bevarly, JC Wardon, and special guest Lori Wilde. What a great time!

Prior to Imaginarium, I ordered cards to give away to potential newsletter subscribers. Please note the upside-down photo of same, above. You're welcome.

If you've lost track, the first three books in my Serendipity, Indiana series are written and edited, and have gorgeous covers...and the first two are available! Book 3 is in the boxed set, and will release on its own in (crossing fingers) late October. I love, love, love sharing this series of books with readers. I anticipate there will eventually be seven titles Click here to see the Serendipity digital and paperback books.

But. (This is a big but--and not the kind that caused me to offload a dozen pairs of jeans this week.) My current work in progress is the first book of my all-new series. This one is hush-hush for now, because I'm targeting it for a particular publishing house and don't want to jinx myself. So if you don't see me online very much for a while, this is why. I'll share news when I can.

Speaking of which, please click here to sign up for my newsletter. There's a free read in it for you with the October issue (see upside-down card above) but you have to be signed up by September 28.

Happy reading!

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