Friday, November 13, 2015

#SweetRomance #FridayReads Guest: Maddie James

I'm excited to be starting something new here on the blog. On Fridays I'll introduce you to friends of mine, and their sweet romance books. Some of the authors may write all sweet, others may write hotter stuff. But for the purposes of this blog we'll just be learning about their sweet (G/PG rated) tales.

Please welcome today's guest, my friend Maddie James. Maddie and I first met at a Kentucky Romance Writers meeting in Lexington, Kentucky, and it's largely because of her that I have had any success at all as an author. She's here to share news about one of my favorite imaginary towns--Legend, Tennessee!


Have you visited Legend, Tennessee, lately?

What? You haven’t? Well let’s fix that right now, but perhaps I should catch you up a bit first. You see, Legend exists in the hearts of its readers, and the mind of its authors. It’s not really a place—or is it?

I’ll let you be the judge.

Stories set in Legend, TN are written by four authors—Magdalena Scott, Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves, and well, moi, Maddie James. To date, we have thirty-plus stories that take place in this small town nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains. My stories revolve mostly around my favorite character, Suzie Matthews, the local B&B owner and chef, who likes to dabble in matchmaking.

Previously, Suzie set out to “matchmake” eight Legend couples in the Matchmaking Chef series, and recently, a couple of secondary characters from one of those stories decided to spin a yarn in my head. Will Nora Patterson (from the book Side Dish) hook up permanently with Reverend Rock Peters (from Dates Du Jour)? Time will tell, time will tell…

This sweet short romance story was recently released, and just in time for Christmas. Here is a little more information:

A Legend's Landing Bed & Breakfast Christmas Short Story
Nora Patterson crashes into the back end of Reverend Rock Peters' SUV on a snowy Christmas Eve night, and finds herself snowbound with the attractive minister. She’s prayed for someone to share her life—could Rock be the one? Or once again, will love pass her by this Christmas?

Now, Suzie Matthews tells me that there may be more to this story down the road. I’m not sure what she means by that, but I’m going to keep my mind open in the process. After all, the Reverend Rock and Nora only had a few brief hours together on Christmas Eve. Could Not This Christmas mean more than the title implies? Hmmmmm…..

You can find Not This Christmas at all ebook retailers.

While you are there, be sure and look for the rest of the Legend’s Landing Bed Breakfast stories, and stay tuned for Deadly Scoop, coming in 2017, a cozy mystery, when Suzie Matthews turns from chef to sleuth!


Thank you so much, Maddie, for starting off our new feature. Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you, Magdalena, for featuring my book today. I look forward to your Friday features!

  2. Hello Magdalena! Love your blog, hon! And I'm loving your new covers, Maddie!! Looks like I need to catch up on your Legends series now!

    All the best!

  3. Wonderful blog! Wonderful author! Look forward to reading this story! I need to catch up too!