Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ireland Trip Blog Series: #3 - Hotels

Our group tour package included staying in lovely hotels throughout Ireland. Friends have told me about going to Ireland and staying in homes with Irish people, or in bed and breakfasts. I'm sure those experiences would be very different. Maybe next time, right?

So here is a lovely shot of the Granville Hotel in Waterford. We spent our first night there, after a day that seemed to last 3/4 of forever. I wonder if that's why this photo is a bit askew.

The Dromhall in Killarney is above. We stayed there two nights. It's possible I got a bit carried away with photographing their reception area. But I dunno... it was gorgeous, so why not?

Front doors are behind me, reception desk at left.
Up ahead on the right you get to the fireplace.

Pretty, huh? 

And here's a shot looking up to the skylight. We were on the first floor of rooms, which is, you know, the floor above reception. That numbering system took some getting used to. 

Looking back down toward reception. I surely must have had extra time this morning to have done all this photography. In fact, I remember which table I was sitting at breakfast. Not that I photographed the dining area, or, say, the room. 

Another cool thing about the Dromhall is that it has a pub attached. Upstairs in this front portion is where we had dinner two nights, and just down the steps was a cozy pub.

Remember last time when I posted a photo of our jaunting car driver, and his horse, Ben? Well, they delivered us right to our hotel here in Killarney after that ride through part of the Killarney National Park. Just lovely.

Above is the Sligo Park Hotel, in Sligo. Sleek, modern hotel, with an indoor pool. We stayed here two nights also, and each night my friend and I made a trek across the busy road to a quick mart for important snack items. That little store had a pharmacy in it, and the first night a woman was handing out flyers. She gave me one (not my friend). It was about skin care and makeup. Not so subtle hint.

We also stayed two nights at the Menlo Park Hotel in Galway, and the Croke Park Hotel in Dublin. Sadly, photos of those haven't shown up yet.

Do you know what we had in each hotel room that I absolutely loved? Our own little tea-making station. I'm a coffee girl in the morning, but also enjoy afternoon tea occasionally. Each one had the separate switches to turn off and on not just the pot, but electricity running to it.

Our hotel room key cards were quite talented - they didn't only unlock the door. Once you had the door open, you slid the card into a slot on the wall to turn on the electricity. 

I loved that! Electricity is something most of us take for granted, but it's good to be reminded that we don't really need to have the lights on when we're not in the room. Very cool method of conservation.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to make a lovely cup of tea right now. Maybe Irish Breakfast.


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