Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ireland Trip Series: #4 - Signage

I'll admit two things right up front.

  1. I had no intention of spending my time in Ireland taking photos. I meant to be "in the moment" and aware of what was going on, not seeing the trip through a camera lens.
  2. That plan went out the window early on, except that I saw it through the lens of my phone's camera. 

Our bus driver/guide encouraged us to photograph signs because it would help us later on to know what we were looking at pictures of. Smart man. Without some of these, I might have no idea. I think you can click on each to enlarge it if you're interested.

This oval sign tells some of the history and lore associated with Blarney Castle.

This sign about boat tours is nice because there's a bit of scenery behind it. And behind me when I was taking the photo is Ross Castle.

Yum. Signs at places we ate. Always a nice reminder. The Scarriff Inn has a fabulous view, and a very fine shepherd's pie.

Another photo at Scarriff Inn. I told you they had a great view--and here's proof, right on the sign.

This is one of the places where I should have kept in mind that vehicles are driving on the left side of the road. Fortunately they were looking out for me more than I was looking out for them. Our bus was parked on the far side of the road from the inn, and thanks to those observant drivers, I didn't miss the rest of the tour because of being run down after a delicious lunch.

Their restrooms had cloth towel rolls. Do you remember those? Lots of places we visited in Ireland had the cloth towels as an option. Nice little blast from the past.

Not that it's a great picture at all, but this is one of few photos I took that remind me there are two languages in Ireland. Gaelic is their home language, and students must learn it in school. But nearly everyone speaks English most of the time. Muckross House. Sigh. Did you read the blog about tour guides? Golden Light...

The replica cottage was super cute from the outside, and I love the movie "The Quiet Man." Best part about this stop was one of the guys on our tour doing a brief bit of John Wayne-speak. There was also a lovely B&B/coffee stop/modern gift shop adjacent to the cottage. And of course the requisite bathrooms for a tour bus load of folks.

See the big orange W on the Galway Cathedral sign? Failte - Welcome. We felt so very welcome everywhere. Churches and cathedrals blog is coming up. I promise!

You may think I didn't quite get this photo the way I wanted it, but oho--turns out, I did. My purpose here was to get the magpie, who's after the shiny thing (in this case, berries). Magpies are always, always after the shiny thing. Remind you of anybody? And yep, it was just outside a Tourist Centre, down the street from a church. (Sh--don't tell anybody I have a church picture on Signage Blog Day.)

This was inside the Tourist Centre. Baby Nappy Changer Unit. How cute is that? I had a photo of the instructions for where not to put baby nappies, but that one doesn't seem to have survived. Diaper is such a boring word, compared to nappy. Just sayin'

Makes me smile every time. This was in the parking area of Sligo Park Hotel. It just refers to stripes on the pavement, not actual zebras. I must admit to being a little disappointed.

It isn't the easiest job in the world to find a parking place for a huge tour bus in downtown Dublin. So our driver told us if he couldn't find a spot in the official lineup, we should look for him across from Knobs & Knockers. Seriously, how could I resist this photo? Why even try, in fact?

If I were doing it again, I might go back to my outdated habit of buying a postcard at each site. The picture is on the front, the explanation on the back. But then I'd have missed some of these, which are amusing to me, at least.

I hope you're enjoying my oddball reliving of the Ireland trip. I sure am!


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