Friday, December 11, 2015

#SweetRomance #FridayReads Guest: Grace Greene

On Fridays I introduce you to friends of mine, and their sweet romance books. Some of the authors may write all sweet, others may write hotter stuff. But for the purposes of this blog we'll just be learning about their sweet (G/PG rated) tales. 

Please welcome today's guest, my friend Grace Greene. She and I met online through a previous publisher, and again through the Sweet Romance Reads author co-operative. I hope to see Grace in person some day, cuz she seems so sweet. Take it away, Grace!


The holidays are fast approaching. Are you ready? All done? Barely started? Is your schedule overloaded? Or are you the master of your calendar and your life? 

Magdalena kindly allowed me the opportunity to post on her blog. Through Magdalena I became aware of Minimalism and, in the crush of the holidays and the excesses that thrive in the craziness, Minimalism seems especially attractive and timely.

I’ve been so busy juggling tasks like preparing for a new release, Leaving Cub Creek, along with family issues, a full time job, a retired husband, etc. LIFE. We all deal with this stuff, right? Except for a few presents for my granddaughters, I’ve done no Christmas shopping and I’m feeling the pressure to catch up. On the flip side, we won’t be home for Christmas this year so I’ve scratched Christmas trees and other decorations from the to-do list. We are going to be in Hawaii for Christmas, so planning and packing goes on the list.

Where is the balance in my life? I need to be a better juggler. Or I need to reduce what has to be juggled. I need to pare down and simplify my life.

Which thought brings me back to Cub Creek. 

In Cub Creek, Libbie Havens left the city because she couldn’t breathe or think amid the chaos. 

Some people love city hustle-bustle, but not Libbie because she has sensory issues that cause her to overload emotionally. A move to the country and acres of woods seemed the perfect solution. Removing the extraneous would reduce the chaos and allow her to focus on her life and live on her own terms. Unfortunately, most of her troubles were her own – inside her – not borne of the outside world. Many of her troubles went with her to Cub Creek. After many ups and downs, Libbie found love. In Leaving Cub Creek, Libbie discovers that love is easier to find than to keep. 

Libbie thought that removing the external chaos would allow her to better manage her life. I doubt I could ever actually achieve a Minimalist lifestyle, but as Libbie did, I’d like to strip away the unneeded excess in hope of finding the peace and joy hidden within it.

To return to the original question: How are your preparations for the holidays progressing? For those of you who, like me, are feeling over-burdened – I have learned at least one thing over my many years of preparing for the holidays. Make up your mind that, at a certain point, whatever hasn’t been done, won’t get done. Be okay with it. The truth is that, more than likely, no one will notice but you.

When you’re looking to lighten your ‘life’ list, make sure you toss the truly extraneous and hold on to what’s important – the joy.

Blurb for Leaving Cub Creek:

Here’s a brief description of Leaving Cub Creek (the sequel to Cub Creek) due out this month:

In the heart of Virginia, where the forests hide secrets and the creeks run strong and deep ~ 

Libbie Havens never fit in. She bought the old Carson place on Cub Creek and moved to the Virginia countryside to prove she could live on her own terms. In the process, she learned some truths about herself and found love ~ but love, acceptance and belonging can be easier to find than to keep.
While on a trip to Sicily with Libbie, Jim Mitchell must leave suddenly because his son is injured in an accident in California. Now alone, Libbie is surprised by an old friend, Dr. Barry Raymond, but Dr. Raymond is a reminder of her troubled past and she’s glad to see the last of him when she leaves Sicily ~ until he shows up at her house on Cub Creek.
Years before, Dr. Raymond had told Libbie that if troubles weren’t dealt with, they’d keep coming back. With Jim still away helping his son, Libbie’s troubles are returning in force and wreaking havoc on her confidence and their relationship.
Libbie would rather hide than risk rejection, but she must face down the past and fight for what she wants, or the troubles that haunt her past and present will forever doom her future.


Grace Greene writes novels and novellas of Romance and Inspiration in her Emerald Isle, NC stories, and Love, Mystery and Suspense in her Virginia Country Roads novels that include Cub Creek and Leaving Cub Creek. Please visit Grace at and subscribe to her newsletter. 


Oooh--Leaving Cub Creek sounds like another winner, Grace. Thank you for taking time in your busy holiday season to stop by and tell us about it. Happy Friday!

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