Thursday, December 24, 2015

The McClains of Legend, Tennessee

I've had fun sharing my Ireland reminiscences with you on Tuesdays, and introducing you to other sweet romance authors on Fridays.

It's been so much fun, in fact, that I haven't been posting much about my own books. I hope you don't mind that it occurred to me I should do this occasionally.

A quick update from Legend, Tennessee...

I've put two bundles together, for readers who like to quickly plow through a series. How I wish I could write that quickly. Bundle #1 contains MIDNIGHT IN LEGEND, TN; CHRISTMAS COLLISION; and WHERE HER HEART IS--the first three novellas about the McClains.

Bundle #2 picks up with the companion story to WHERE HER HEART IS, and contains BUILDING A DREAM; SECOND CHANCES; and CHRISTMAS CHARM (brand new short story).

You can snag your copies here:

Bundle #1

Bundle #2

And if you already own all five of the novellas and only want the short story, here's the blurb for CHRISTMAS CHARM:

In spite of her intentions to spend Christmas on the beach, Meg is on her way to Legend, Tennessee for a small town Christmas with her boyfriend and his family. When Christopher’s flight is delayed, Meg finds herself staying with his mother, Anne McClain Bradley, and in the midst of an old-fashioned holiday with a family that’s not her own. 
But the McClains, and the other good people of Legend, Tennessee know how to make anyone feel loved and welcomed--especially at Christmas. 
There’s no better time than Christmas to visit Legend, Tennessee. Hot cocoa tastes better in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains.

My only McClains of Legend, Tennessee stories that aren't bundled are the series prequels, UNDER THE MISTLETOE (1975) and THE HOLLY AND THE IVY (1978). At this moment I don't have any plans to bundle them. 

All of the Legend book links are on the Legend page of the website.

Next time I do an update, we'll chat about what's new, and what's in the works for Serendipity, Indiana. Hint: a LOT.

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