Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ireland Trip Blog Series: #7 - A Deep Sense of Gratitude

At Dingle Bay
I'm wrapping up the blog series today, earlier than anticipated. I need to focus my writing time on the work-in-progress, which has some Irish influence. You'll want to read Carla Standish's story, The Ring, releasing this spring.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing photos, and reading some reminiscences about the trip to Ireland. As I said in the first post, this was a trip of a lifetime. I don't know if I'll get to return to the Emerald Isle, or make another big trip anywhere. All the more reason to feel a deep sense of gratitude.

The people were wonderful, the scenery more varied than I expected. We were blessed with unusually pleasant weather for early November, and I only needed my boots during our last day in Dublin. (I had thought about my packing for months before the trip, and from the very first, the two items I absolutely knew I would take were my big raincoat with the zip-out liner, and my leather riding boots. At the last minute I left the boots at home. Oh well.)

I still smile when I look at the travel book I've left out for just that purpose. I sometimes listen to the Irish CDs I bought years ago, never expecting to hear the music in person. Perhaps this series has been more of a treat for me than for anyone else. More often than not, looking at the photos to choose which to share each week has made me tearful--mostly in a good way.

Without these reminders, it would be difficult to believe the trip even happened. (Me, travel across an ocean? Little boring stay-at-home me? Surely not!)
Blarney Castle

The other day I saw a meme on facebook, originally posted by Becoming Minimalist. It said, "I'd rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff."




  1. When our kids hit teen years, I told Handsome the best gift we could give them would be travel memories. And boy, have we had fun.

  2. What a great idea, Vicki! Everybody wins.