Friday, January 15, 2016

#SweetRomance #FridayReads Guest: Jan Scarbrough

On Fridays I introduce you to friends of mine, and their sweet romance books. Some of the authors may write all sweet, others may write hotter stuff. But for the purposes of this blog we'll just be learning about their sweet (G/PG rated) tales. 

Please welcome today's guest, my friend Jan Scarbrough! Jan and I have been friends for several years. We met through Kentucky Romance Writers, and we also collaborated on the writing of stories set in Legend, Tennessee. She has one of the cutest business cards I've ever seen, because it has the photo of her on a horse that you'll see at the bottom of her post. I LOVE that picture!

Take it away, Jan!

Heart to Heart is a sweet little romance

Amazon Review: If you want a humorous, sweet book for a quick read at the pool or beach, this is it. Ms. Addie is still stirring up things in the town of Legend, even after her death.

I will donate royalties from the ebook sales of this book to Alley Cat Advocates.

I write romance because I like happily-ever-after endings. It’s that simple. There’s enough bad news in the media. There’s enough heartache in life. So I write romance because everything is tied up in a neat little bow at the end of the book. The hero and heroine are together. All’s right with the world.

I also give my characters second chances. In Heart to Heart, Jeremy gets another chance to make his business work thanks to an inheritance from his great-aunt. First, though, he has to tolerate the scrutiny of six cats and obtain the blessing of their caretaker, a pet psychic who is also the heroine.

When I wrote the story of Heart to Heart, I knew the cat characters were critical to the story. Here’s a look at the cats:

Last winter dogs killed a cat named Tinkerbelle at the barn where I take riding lessons. The character of Tinkerbelle is my way of honoring this sweet, little cat.
Notes: Long hair pale gray – gentle – likes attention and being the center of things
Book Quote: “The gray cat had followed them into the living room and continued its leg rubbing routine. Jeremy clenched his teeth, forcing himself not to kick the animal off his pant leg. This was his best Armani suit, for crying out loud. He didn’t want cat hair on it.”

Our cat hero!
 Male, Maine coon – big cat, sturdy, rugged – uneven, shaggy coat, long tail carried proudly, large, well-tufted paws – intimidating size – brown tabby with white underbelly and white paws
Normal cats have a total of 18 toes, with five toes on each front paw and four toes on each hind paw; polydactyl cats may have as many as eight digits on their front and/or hind paws.

 Calico – long hair – knows she’s beautiful – princess – tri-colored
Book Quote: “The top of the desk was empty except for a longhaired, tri-colored calico cat stretched out in the center preening herself. A tiny pink tongue licked a white paw in a leisurely manner. The cat didn’t even look up to greet them.”

 Orange tabby with white bib – nervous – comes up for affection some times after gets to know you
Book Quote: “The last cat in the room, an orange male tabby named Clio sat next to the water fountain watching the other cats in the room with a worried gaze.”
 Black cat – prowls, sneaky, pops up expectantly
Book Quote: “Jinx, the sleek black cat prowled the perimeter of the kitchen as if he couldn’t stay in one place for long.”

My favorite cat of all time was Gloria. My daughter, the veterinarian, brought her home from college at Thanksgiving. Knowing my daughter is dangerous, because she has a knack for placing homeless pets. Gloria stayed for dinner and for many years afterwards.
Notes: Tortoiseshell – female, this color is typically reserved for cats with relatively small or no white markings.
Book Quote: “Gloria was the oldest cat in the house, a tortoiseshell in color—reddish orange and black—with a distinctive orange stripe down the bridge of her nose.”

I hope you take a chance on my sweet romance Heart to Heart. It was fun to write and I hope fun for you to read.

Struggling to save his cash-strapped company, Jeremy Hamilton is overjoyed to discover he’s the heir to his great-aunt’s estate. Until he discovers there are strings attached. Not strings so much, as tails. As in six cats who belonged to Ms. Addie and who will determine just how much of the estate Jeremy will receive and how fast. He does have one option if he wants to inherit sooner: move to the small town of Legend, Tennessee, and live in Ms. Addie’s house for one month while the cats get to know him.

And who decides if the six very different cats like Jeremy enough? That’s up to pet psychic Marty Fields. She’s spent a lifetime explaining animal communication to the skeptic citizens of Legend. Ms. Addie was the only person who understood Marty’s gift, so she made Marty the guardian of her cats and caretaker of her mansion. Now Jeremy’s fate is in Marty’s hands…and of course, in the paws of all the cats.

Jeremy hasn’t had much luck with women. And he’s allergic to cats. Marty hasn’t had much luck convincing people she can communicate with animals. Now she needs to convince Jeremy to believe in the unbelievable. With a little faith and love—and the help of a six little matchmakers—Marty and Jeremy might find themselves joining together…Heart to Heart.


Thanks for telling everyone about Heart to Heart, Jan. Happy Friday!


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  2. Love, Love, Love all the Ladies of Legend books. Wonderful job to you all. Magdalena Scott, Jan Scarbrough, Maddie James and Janet Eaves.

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