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#SweetRomance #FridayReads Guest: Donna Fasano

On Fridays I introduce you to friends of mine, and their sweet romance books. Some of the authors may write all sweet, others may write hotter stuff. But for the purposes of this blog we'll just be learning about their sweet (G/PG rated) tales. 

Please welcome today's guest, my friend Donna Fasano. She and I are both members of Sweet Romance Reads, an author cooperative. New to me, though--and maybe you'll love it too--the pretty and fun scarf she's wearing in her author photo.

But without further ado, here's Donna to talk about a subject that probably affects us all...


5 Tips for Facing Your Fears

Fear is a normal, natural human emotion. Fear can be—and often is—a very healthy thing. If, say, you give up smoking because you’re afraid of contracting lung cancer, then no one could argue that that was anything but a good thing. If, however, your fears kept you from living a full life, then that’s when fear becomes unhealthy. Here are some things that have helped me to face and overcome my fears.

1. IDENTIFY the fear — I put a specific name to my fear, whether it’s fear of speaking in public, or the fear of trusting a new friend, or the fear of losing my talent as a writer. Putting a name to it helps me to identify exactly has what has me feeling afraid. Once it’s out in the open, I can better deal with it.

2. PONDER why — Next I try to figure out why I am afraid. Am I afraid of giving a speech because I fear failure? Do I lack trust because I’ve been hurt in the past? Have I let too many weeks pass since I’ve sat down to write? Figuring out the whys behind my fears allow me to tap into the emotion more deeply, and help me recognize past experiences and associations that cause my fear.

3. VISUALIZE — I try to consciously picture myself when I did something brave. How did it make me feel? How did I feel after the event? Usually, I felt excited that I accomplished whatever fearsome task was at hand. This is a crucial step in the process that allows me to see that I can do those things that make me afraid and that, after doing them, I feel more alive.

4. BREATHE — Remaining calm is probably the most important step when I try to face my fears. Long, slow breaths are one method I use to soothe my anxiety. Another is to remind myself that I have overcome plenty of fears in the past. Having faith in yourself lifts your self-confidence.

5. JUST DO IT — Facing your fears allows you to discover just how strong and capable you are. The very thing you’re afraid of might end up being something you’re really good at, or something that will prove just how much potential you have inside. So go ahead and just do it. Face your fear. You’ll probably end up learning something new and exciting about yourself.

About RETURN OF THE RUNAWAY BRIDE — Savannah left Daniel at the altar, and she has been so afraid of facing him and the people of her hometown, that she stayed away for six years. Well, now Savannah is back—determined to face her fears.

The ebook version of RETURN OF THE RUNAWAY BRIDE usually sells for $3.99, but is on sale for 99¢ from February 25—March 1st. The book is available for:

USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fasano has written over 30 romance and women’s fiction novels. Her books have won awards and have sold 4 million copies worldwide. Her work is available in paperback, audiobooks, and ebooks for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play. Learn more about her at her blog, check out her books, and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. She loves to hear from readers.

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1 Short Paragraph from THE BLANK BOOK

If you missed last Monday's paragraph, perhaps you'd like to click here and read it first.

Today's paragraph occurs in the same scene. Our heroine, Alice, is finally face-to-face with the troublesome, dream-provoking Officer Drey.

Or is she?

A cool breeze crossed my flushed face, alerting me to the fact that the front door was wide open. Since the neighbors didn’t know I was going crazy—I hoped—they might misinterpret our pose, should they happen to look out their windows or drive past. Perhaps it would be more expedient to make peace with my apparition instead of yelling at him, so we could close the door and take care of this matter privately.

From THE BLANK BOOK, Copyright Magdalena Scott.
Book 4 of the Serendipity, Indiana series, available now at:
Amazon (U.S.) ~ Amazon (U.K.) ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ Nook ~ Smashwords

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#SweetRomance #FridayReads Guest: Julie Jarnagin

On Fridays I introduce you to friends of mine, and their sweet romance books. Some of the authors may write all sweet, others may write hotter stuff. But for the purposes of this blog we'll just be learning about their sweet (G/PG rated) tales. 

Please welcome today's guest, my friend Julie Jarnagin. She and I are both members of Sweet Romance Reads, an author cooperative.

Welcome to Magdalenaville, Julie! The floor is yours...


Do you like reading a prologue—a glimpse at something significant in a character’s past—before diving into the first chapter? Truth be told, I’d never felt the need to write one until I began working on Paige and Nick’s story in The Wedding Barn. I thought readers needed to be there to see and feel the emotions Paige went through.

Here’s a sneak peak at the prologue from my latest sweet romance release, The Wedding Barn:

“Who’s going to tell her?” someone whispered.

Paige Morgan ignored the chatter behind her and instead listened to make sure everything was going perfectly inside the church sanctuary. The string quartet played Canon in D, the last song before they were to begin the processional. Normally, she would have been the one with a clipboard and headset directing people down the aisle, but today Paige stood in the vestibule of the church in a white gown. Despite the veil, it was impossible to take off her wedding-planner hat—or crown as she liked to think of it. “Can someone make sure my train is fanned out before the doors open? I hate when the guests see people fussing in the background.”

It felt like half of Dallas was in that sanctuary, and they all had high expectations for this wedding. There was no better business card for a wedding planner than a flawless ceremony and reception.

Her stepsister came and stood beside her. Lucy’s face was pale and her brow wrinkled. It wasn’t like her to be nervous.

“Where’s your bouquet?” Paige asked. “It’s almost time.”

Her father stepped forward. “Sweetie…”

She straightened his bow tie and then glanced around the room. Everyone looked on the verge of tears. And not happy tears.

“What’s going on?”

This had been the hardest part of planning her own wedding. She liked being in control of every detail of the elaborate events. In her own wedding, as hard as she’d tried, it had been difficult to be the bride and the planner. It would have been impossible to get herself ready and make sure her groom and all the groomsmen looked presentable. Not to mention, managing the delivery of the cake and flowers, the preparation for a reception for nearly 500 people, and the thousands of other tiny details Paige had been forced to let her assistant handle. The planning had been a lot of work, but after dozens of weddings, this would be her crowning event.

Her father, a powerful businessman who was rarely at a loss for words, opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

“What is it, Dad? We don’t have much time.”

When he didn’t answer, she looked back to her mother who had flown in from California a few days earlier. Her mouth was pulled tight, her eyes wide.

Lucy stepped forward in her blush, floor-length dress. She took Paige’s hands. “Ryan isn’t here.”

He was late for his own wedding? He knew getting behind the schedule even by a few minutes would throw the whole day off. “How could he not know what time he was supposed to arrive? I printed out itineraries weeks ago. Has anyone called him?”

No one moved.

Her stepmother dabbed at tears in her eyes. What was going on here? Had there been a car accident? Was Ryan in the hospital?

Lucy squeezed her hands. “Ryan was here, but he left.” Her chest rose and fell. “There isn’t going to be a wedding today.”

Ryan left? Her mind raced for an explanation. He wouldn’t do that to her. They were getting married today. As if someone had taken a vacuum and sucked all the air out of her chest, her body went limp. Lucy, who still held her hands, lowered Paige softly to the floor into the deep folds of her satin dress.

“This has to be a mistake. Did someone talk to him?” Tears she hadn’t even felt coming ran down her face.

Lucy sat on her knees in front of her. She slowly held up a scorecard from the golf course. “He left a note.”

With shaking hands, Paige took it.

“The back,” Lucy said.

Paige flipped it over.

Paige. I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

The Wedding Barn blurb 

Paige Morgan’s career is in shambles. What kind of wedding planner gets left at the altar? So when a job planning parties on a ranch in rural Texas comes her way, she jumps at it. So what if the cowboy who runs the place isn’t happy she’s there?

Rancher Nick Reid risked his heart once… and lost. Who needs love? He’s got a great life on the family ranch—so long as Paige Morgan and her city ideas don’t ruin it all. If only his family didn’t need her help to save their livelihood. And if only he wasn’t so darned drawn to the woman. But no sooner does Nick start to believe in love again, than a socialite shows up looking for Paige. Asking her to plan an elaborate wedding. Back in the city.

Both Paige and Nick need a second chance at love. But what will it cost them to take it?


Author Bio

Julie Jarnagin is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet and inspirational romance. She grew up in a small Oklahoma town where her family farmed and ranched. These days she lives in a not-so-big city with her amazing husband and two young sons who tolerate all her nerdy quirks. Julie earned a B.A. in Journalism / Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Website: Sign up for her newsletter to be the first to learn about new releases and free books:

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1 Short Paragraph from THE BLANK BOOK

Back by popular demand, the One Short Paragraph series! 

Our heroine, Alice Williams, hasn't had a decent night's sleep in a month because of The Dream, and was napping on her couch. But someone is insistently ringing the doorbell...
Somehow I got to my feet and started to the door, realizing halfway across the floor that the room was moving awkwardly due to my only wearing one navy pump. My hair was probably standing on end too. Tough luck. Why should I be concerned with how I look? A well-placed, two-inch heel would be sufficient to make the bell-ringer wish they’d chosen someone else to bother. This is not the way I usually approach the possibility of having company. Please note that due to lack of sleep, I was not myself.
(Guess who's on the other side of the door!)

From THE BLANK BOOK, Copyright Magdalena Scott.
Book 4 of the Serendipity, Indiana series, available now at:
Amazon (U.S.) ~ Amazon (U.K.) ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ Nook ~ Smashwords

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#SweetRomance #FridayReads Guest: Ginny Baird

On Fridays I introduce you to friends of mine, and their sweet romance books. Some of the authors may write all sweet, others may write hotter stuff. But for the purposes of this feature we'll just be learning about their sweet (G/PG rated) tales.

Please welcome today's guest, my friend Ginny Baird. She and I met online in Sweet Romance Reads, and in July of 2015, she, Raine English, and I were roommates in New York City during the Romance Writers of America conference. That was the month in which I started over-using the word "fabulous," because it seemed everything suddenly was just that.

Here's the Fabulous Ginny Baird!


Happy Friday, everyone! Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? My husband and I will visit the vineyard where we had our very first date to participate in a wine, cheese and chocolate tasting event. I can hardly wait and am picking out my outfit already!

In honor of the “Season of Love” and this ultra special holiday, I’m pleased to offer two great romance deals to my readers.

First, you can download my Valentine’s short story, SPECIAL DELIVERY, for absolutely #Free at the following vendors:

Next, you can get my Valentine’s romantic comedy, BABY, BE MINE, for just $0.99 now through Valentine’s Day at Amazon, B&N and iTunes. This book is also a participant in the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” Valentine’s Special at Kobo.

In BABY, BE MINE, a single woman must find a groom by Valentine’s Day in order to inherit a fortune and help her family. Along the way, she interviews several “exes” while enlisting the aid of her handsome best friend. Will she find love where she least expects it? I hope you’ll read to find out!

Thank you for visiting this blog and thanks tons to author Magdalena Scott for hosting. Here’s wishing you all a safe, happy and chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day weekend!


*~* ABOUT GINNY  *~*

Romance author Ginny Baird writes sweet romance and romantic comedy novels and novellas. She is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and a Top Ten Best Seller on Kindle, NOOK and iBooks.

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#SweetRomance #FridayReads Guest: Mona Risk

On Fridays I introduce you to friends of mine, and their sweet romance books. Some of the authors may write all sweet, others may write hotter stuff. But for the purposes of this blog we'll just be learning about their sweet (G/PG rated) tales. 

Please welcome today's guest, my friend Mona Risk. She and I met online in Sweet Romance Reads, but--alas!--we haven't met in person yet. One of these days, I hope.

Happy Friday, Mona! It's all yours.


Book Blurb:

Fearless reporter, Roxanne Ramsay, doesn’t think twice before traveling for important assignments, even in a war zone. But her last trip led to a life-altering mistake.

Getting involved with the strong-headed and too generous reporter involves more complications than Dr. Greg Hayes faces in the OR. Yet what wouldn’t he do to save the love of his life and her baby?

Read more about Valentine Babies at Amazon.


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Mona Risk has more than twenty books published, some published in German and French.

She received an Outstanding Achiever Award at Affaire de Coeur Magazine and is a Best Romance Novel winner at Preditors & Editors Readers Poll; Two-Time winner of Best Contemporary Romance Novel at Readers Favorite; EPIC’s Ebook Award Finalist; and Kindle Top 100 Bestselling Author

You can find Mona and her books at:
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