Friday, March 4, 2016

"Lucky 7" Ups and Downs

Happy Friday! I thought it might be fun to take a day for us to catch up with each other.

1. I had a few comments on my question "What's your theme song?" February 28 on the Sweet Romance Reads blog. At this writing several days later I'm still theme song-less, although I continue the attempt to channel my Inner Jessica. Do you have a theme song, or a suggestion for one? I'm all ears. (Family trait.)

2. Our weather continues to be completely messed up, in between brief periods of normal-for-the-season temps and precipitation. In one of our oddball storms this week, lightning took out my wireless router. Now I can only be online when my laptop is plugged directly into the blue internet cord thingie. I do still have internet, thank goodness. Managing without it would be a challenge.

3. I've been doing well on walking and doing yoga daily, but sitting in my desk chair for so many hours has resulted in back pain. I can usually stand or sit in different locations while I work, but See Item 2. I wonder about buying one of those balance ball chairs to use instead. Have you ever tried one? (The router will eventually be repaired or replaced, but I still wonder about the balance ball chair.)

4. My insomnia is so much better since I started drinking a cup of chamomile tea each night, tucked up in bed with a good book. I read for an hour or more, and when I go to sleep, quite often it's a real night's sleep instead of the two hours here, wake up for an hour or so, sleep two or three more hours routine I had been experiencing for way too long. Getting actual rest is a huge life enhancer. I had heard rumors to that effect.

5. I've been reading women's fiction, by Marcia WillettElin Hilderbrand, Marisa de los Santos, and LuAnne Rice. The downside to enjoying such big, juicy, awesome novels? I am left thinking there is no way I'll ever write as well as these ladies. Which may well be true, but is also a major bummer.

6. When I'm not depressed about being just me, instead of one of the authors mentioned above, Carla Standish's story is coming along. On those good days, I'm happy with Carla's story and think my readers will love it. On the other days...well, let's not talk about that.

7. My email newsletter sign-up form was nonfuctional for a while. Yikes! To check whether you're signed up, go here and enter your email address. The form won't let you sign up more than once with the same email address. I send an issue monthly-ish. It's been more ish than monthly so far this year.

Off the top of my head, that's what's up with me.

What's your news?


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