Thursday, March 17, 2016


In February, I received an invitation to visit friends in Tucson, Arizona, and to attend the annual Tucson Festival of Books, March 12 and 13.

The photo above was taken just prior to a super fun panel called "Homicide and Hot Dish" at the book festival. Authors on the panel were Sophie Littlefield, William Kent Krueger, and Elizabeth Gunn.

The photo below is a smidge of the Sunday crowd on the mall of the beautiful University of Arizona campus. Yeah, the weather was beautiful Sunday. Also every other day.
Flying to Tucson a few days prior to the festival and coming home a few days after, I enjoyed a mostly unplanned, and completely undeserved week-long vacation in my friends' guest suite. They treated me to scenic drives, walks in the desert, and delicious dining in their home and at unique local restaurants. I met new people, reconnected with others, and took every day as it came, without a single worry. 

We had a picnic on Mt Lemmon, in the Santa Catalina Mountains

Worry-free is not the way I generally get from one day to the next. It seems I'm always fretting about something. "Borrowing trouble," as the saying goes.

Saguaro and me - Sabino Canyon
I didn't feel as if I needed a vacation, but I think I must have. In spite of the time difference, I was the first to bed at night and the last to stir each morning. I slept well (Oh! the blessed Quiet!), and awakened refreshed.

I'm home now from Tucson, energized and excited about work, and life in general. 

In at least three panels at the festival, from authors in a variety of genres, I heard this message :

I don't write because it's easy (it is Not!), but because it's the only thing I'm good at. So I'm thankful for the ability, and do the best I can.

If I had signed on for a retreat, I can't imagine a better one.

Feeling blessed,


  1. Ooh, that blue sky, Magdalena!
    Great post.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post--and the sky, June. Thank you for visiting!