Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wanted: Bird Wrangler

This morning I heard a funny noise.

A tweety, scratchy noise. And it seemed to be coming from the air hose of my portable air conditioner. Yikes!

Visions of dismantling the hose from the window without hurting the bird, or having it flying all around my apartment, and eventually managing to corral it somehow and get it outside... Yeah, those are the visions that popped into my head.

Also this quote: "Bird in room."

It's from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, when the group from the UK arrive at the hotel and are first seeing their new home.

Douglas closes the door just after opening it, and turns to his wife. "Bird in room." Being the strong woman she is (one could use a different term, but let's not) she shoves past him and enters a room absolutely flapping with birds. Yeehaw! A bird wrangler would have come in very handy there.

Luckily, turning the unit off and pushing movie scenes from my mind worked just dandy. No more noise, and a visual check (which I was brave enough to do even without holding a broom, since the noise had stopped) revealed no bird.

This is my third year with the portable a/c, and the first time this happened. My guess is that either the force of last night's storm shoved the bird in through the small intake, or else the unsuspecting little guy or gal took refuge from the onslaught in what looked to be a nice, warm, comfy cave. A family of mourning doves resides next door, and their nest doesn't look particularly weather-tight to me.

Anyhow, in case it happens again, I'm taking resumes for a Bird Wrangler position. Just post your qualifications in the comments. You can also post what kind of bird this is, because I have no clue. I found him on Canva, and for the time being, I'm calling him Clip Art Bird.


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