Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The (Almost) End of a Series

I don't know about you, but when I look at the graphic above, with all seven covers for the Serendipity, Indiana series, I get a little bit misty.

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I'm so happy with Francie's story. As has happened with some of the other Serendipity books, where I thought Francie was headed was not where she went at all.

How appropriate that the title was The Road Not Taken. Seriously.

This happened with Carla's story, and with Emily's story. (Oh my word, did it happen with Emily's story! That girl was intent on a changed life. Who was I to stand in her way?)

I'm pleasantly surprised with the way all the Serendipity books have turned out, and I hope you are, too. When you're in Serendipity, you learn to roll with the "coincidences."

Francie's story will release in October.


And here is another fun surprise. Book #7 in the series, A Piece of Her Soul, is a collection of romantic short stories.

My favorite short story author is the great Maeve Binchy. I aspire to one day write half as well as she did. I know that's a big goal, but why set one that's too easily reached?

This collection will be just right for getting a shot of happily-ever-after on your lunch hour, or while waiting for the kids to get out of practice.

This book is also slated to come out in October--my favorite month.

And then...Serendipity will be complete. My McClain series is already complete. And while that's a bit sad, it's also exciting. I have some goals--remember, I never set easy ones--and I'll be working toward those.

When I have updates, I'll send a newsletter.

Happy Reading,

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