Monday, April 24, 2017

Free Book

How's that for a headline? Free book, yes indeed, and it has one of my prettiest covers ever.

Please help yourself to a copy of Emily's Dreams, which is book #2 in the Serendipity, Indiana series. We're trying to get the word out about the series, and Emily is out there spreading the word!

Here's the blurb:

Emily Kincaid was seriously injured in a car wreck (Small Town Christmas). Now she has to figure out how to live instead of simply surviving. Her past includes a series of broken relationships and dead-end jobs, but her future is a giant question mark. Everybody wants to help--the nurse aide Emily can't stand, Emily's grandmother who had the perfect marriage and wants Emily to find the right man, and her teenage sisters who are eager to get her out of their way. David Standish wants to help too, but he's the guy Emily can never have. He's older, and cosmopolitan while she's small-town boring...

And on top of all this, there's the voice in Emily's head that keeps giving her advice she can't understand.

Come to Serendipity, and believe in the magic of Love!


You can read an excerpt on the Emily's Dreams page.

I hope you'll love Emily's story. She's a special young lady!


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