Thursday, June 8, 2017

Happy Book Birthday!

Taylor Kincaid's story, ONCE UPON A TIME, releases today! I'm so excited. In fact, I was already excited months ago, when I saw this sign and took its picture.

Once Upon a Time
Serendipity, Indiana - Book Eight

Taylor Kincaid has big plans for her post-college life. Falling in love with the mysterious new shop owner in the small town she grew up in isn't one of them.

You may have met Taylor (and her twin, Hannah) in Serendipity, Indiana book #2, EMILY'S DREAMS. Now the twins have graduated college and are ready to leave Serendipity forever... The only problem is an absence of jobs in their fields.

They decide to move back home temporarily, living with their parents again, and taking a little sabbatical from all the hard work (and partying) of college.

But Marcus Kincaid has different expectations of his daughters. The free ride is at an end, and they have to get jobs in Serendipity if they expect to live at home.

Hannah accidentally volunteers to work at the Standish Family Christmas Tree Farm with their sister Emily (Kincaid) Standish. But Taylor will float resumes in the little town, and find a job that will pad her bank account, and be easy to leave when the right employment opportunity comes along.

It's a great plan, until she steps into the antiques shop on the town square, and meets its handsome, enigmatic new owner. Now leaving may be more complicated than staying.

Sweet romance, "coincidences" that might be more than that, and a love that survives the unthinkable come together in this new Serendipity, Indiana tale.

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