Monday, April 16, 2018

Green tea is the new French press coffee

My early, and even not-so-early, impression of green tea was that it tasted like boiled grass. I drank a (very) occasional cup, thinking perhaps I should, for health reasons. I can honestly say I never had the desire to make it a part of my daily routine.

Never say never, right? 

In recent months, I've been smacked with some unpleasant realities. I have anxiety disorder, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. French press coffee, much as I love(d) it, is a factor in all three. So the press is now stored on top of my kitchen cabinet, between Spot's ashes, and the lobster-shaped jello mold. Just for old times' sake, here's a photo of the press, taken back in the good old days.

I appreciate the time and patience of my nurse-practitioner, and friends and family, who are helping me make lifestyle changes in order to get back to feeling like myself. I'm not there yet, but I'm making progress. I've lost a few pounds, and gained some needed insight. This has all been a long time coming. (I'm super thankful that another health concern turned out to be nothing. Until I found that out, there was plenty of anxiety around it. Ugh.)

Though I've tried to eat healthy, now I use an app to help me see how I'm doing. Better some days than others, but generally, progress is occurring.

I have also removed several apps from my phone--ones that did nothing but cause more anxiety (every news app), encourage comparison of my life or career to someone else's (Instagram, Twitter), or distract me from living in the moment. (Basically, having a smart phone at all. I'm toying with the idea of getting a basic phone next time.) Prior to removing the apps, I had disabled those annoying notifications. Wow, those were obnoxious.

Because it's a requirement for a group I'm in, I show up on Twitter and Facebook daily, via my laptop.

In case you hadn't noticed, my most recent book releases were last autumn, when Home for Christmas and A Cowboy for Christmas came out. I've written very little in the last few months. Lots of ideas and partial projects are waiting for me--patiently, I hope. I think that once I start writing books again, it will be worth the wait for all of us. (This is partly a pep talk to myself.)

You can find all nine titles of the McClain series here and the Serendipity series here.

In the midst of all this, I've been reading more--both fiction and non-fiction. I found a new favorite novelist to add to my short list. Jenny Colganwrites delightful women's fiction set in the UK. Her characters have emotional baggage, but not the depressing kind that makes me slam a book shut, or delete it from my kindle. I guess I'm a lightweight, because if I'm reading for pleasure, I want the book to know...pleasant.

To sum up, I'm reading more, walking more, and eating healthier. Creating new habits to replace the old ones. I'm also wearing a jasmine/lavendar-scented aromatherapy necklace, which, along with mindfulness and meditation, helps calm the anxiety.

I start each day with a big dose of gratitude, and a cup of green tea with honey. Mmmmm. Funny how perceptions can change. I actually like the stuff now!

Happy reading,


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